To keep it simple, we started out the same way most American’s. We lost our job. lol. Yup, I was a mortgage consultant and my wife was going on paternity leave with out first son. It was 2007 at the time and right before the Real Estate bubble popped.

My wife and I just financed a new car, started a new lease and had an addition coming to our home in 3 months. I was up for a promotion, but instead of getting a raise, I got fired.

Not knowing how I was going to tell my knew wife, I panicked and circled the city for 7 hours. My wife must have text and called me 47 times, but I was so rapped up in my own fear I didn’t even think of what I was putting Letoya through.

When I reached the door, my pregnant wife met me on the verge of tears, but she is SO amazing. She took one look at me and know that I needed her support.

Losing a job is a horrible situation. Unemployment checks, Job fairs, applications, WIC, Section-8, welfare office, energy assistance, Medicaid. the list goes on. What hit the hardest was being denied most of these government programs.

For two years I had to fight my way through all the B.S. on the net. Scam after scam. False promise after false promise. Losing money everywhere. Money I did not have. But, i keep going. I told my wife if anyone was going to drag us through the mud, its going to me! I refused to have anyone any corporation, any politician, and circumstances control my way of life again!

This was my motivation to get where I am today and now that I see the economy the way that it is, i decided to to show anyone who want to learn how I did it.

I do this for money, Yes, but there is a deep rooted passion that I have. I see many can’t afford my services, so, I found ways to get paid without have my client dig into their pockets. this way no one is left out and everyone gets what they want.

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